Technology strategy and implementation

Change Harbour consultants have real-world experience of developing and implementing technology strategies for a variety of law firms around the world. This experience has driven real and sustainable success within the industry, with many of the approaches being recognised as hugely innovative and market leading.  Our expertise enables us to address the full range of IT strategy and implementation issues including business alignment, IT architecture, product selection, technology roadmaps and technology innovation.

Business process improvement

In recent years law firms have become increasingly aware that their businesses are process centric and that optimising these processes is fundamental to improving client service, delivering internal efficiencies and maintaining the quality of legal work.  We have a deep understanding of way law firms work and many years’ experience of implementing process improvement in a number of key areas including business intake, resource management, matter management, billing, business development and legal transaction management.

Organisational design

Aligning organisation structure and governance to business strategy is critical to enabling effective execution.  We have undertaken a number of assignments to assist firms in identifying the right organisational design and approach in diverse parts of their business but covering the entire range of business support functions including IT, business transformation, marketing, knowledge management, risk, HR and finance.

Project and solution delivery

Strategy without effective execution is worthless.  While we are expert in helping firms develop the right strategies and tactics in a number of key areas Change Harbour consultants are also expert and experienced in actual solution delivery.  Our consultants have managed a broad set of projects for a number of firm in diverse areas including ERP (SAP) implementation, datacentre consolidation, cloud migration, outsourcing and business process improvement.

Legal project management

The application of project management disciplines to the way lawyers run their matters is recognised as an important way in which law firms can respond to the new challenges facing them in the increasingly competitive, diverse and dynamic economic world in which they operate.  Change Harbour deliver a comprehensive set of services to enable firms to identify and implement the appropriate legal project management strategy for their business.

Change Harbour is a Lex Mundi preferred supplier for LPM expertise and advice.