Autonomy iManage dropped from Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2011

Gartner released their 2011 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management this week.

In the paper, Gartner report that while budgets in many areas of information technology have been under extreme pressure, “enterprise content management (ECM) spending actually grew, by 5.1% in 2009 and by 7.6% in 2010. ECM software revenue alone was $3.9 billion in 2010”.

Gartner predict this growth will continue as organisations strive towards greater efficiency and productivity and look to ECM to drive process efficiency, improve data and process quality, and build better channels to customers and clients.

ECM is obviously critical for legal service providers in terms of Document Management, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management, Collaboration and Knowledge Management so the content of this report should be relevant for most legal IT strategists.

Most interestingly for the legal market is that Autonomy iManage has been dropped from this years magic quadrant. The reason given for the exclusion of Autonomy is “because it is not actively promoting any products as ECM; rather, it focuses on meaning-based computing”.

Now that they have been acquired by HP, Autonomy will need to explain ‘meaning-based computing’ and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the legal market or risk losing their dominance to traditional competitors, the maturing SharePoint or the emerging new breed of entrants.

Gartners report can be accessed here